Balls Rolling Machine with Big Disc is ready to ship to Bangkok

Horizontal Balls Rolling Machine, Balls Grinding Machine

This Balls Rolling Machine with Big Disc can be used to roll the gold silver balls without holes.

The moving down speed and rotation speed of the upper disc can be set in the display panel. So it can prevent the explosion of the gold silver balls without holes when rolling. If by hand to operate not by this machine, the balls without holes are easily explode.

The disc can be putted over 2200pcs balls one time. It improves the efficiency of production.


  1. Upper disc moving down precision reaches 0.01mm
  2. We broke through to make bigger disc with 24 channels for 3mm balls. For every channel design is closely calculated by centrifugal force.
  3. The machine is controlled by PLC controller with touch display screen. The data for various sizes of balls can be saved in the controller. When rolling different size of balls, just take the data out by touch display screen after changing the disc. Then press the button and the machine works.

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