Rainbow Color Scriber
Rainbow Color Scriber machine can scribe shiny rainbow colors on the surface of metals such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel ect.
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Super Mini Laser Welding Machine
Used For High Speed Chain Making Machines
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Cat Eye Ball Making Machine
Magical Cat Eye Balls were achieved by our machine with diamond tools
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New Jewelry Machines

+ Smallest Laser Welding Machines

+ Fastest Earring Post Making Machines

+ Bangle Reshaping Machines for Oval & Round Shape

Small Laser Welding Machine for Chain Making Machine

Mini Laser Welding Machine

for High Speed Chain Making Machine

High Speed Earring Post Machine

Notches+Stamp+Wire Cut off

Automtatic Bangle and Ring Reshaping Machine

Bangle Reshaping Machine with Data Storage

Reshaping and Make smooth surface for CNC

Jewelry Making Machines

Chain Making Machines High Speed

Chain Making Machines

High speed chain making machines with mini laser welding machines and plasma welding machines making stainless steels chain, silver chain, gold chain

Automatic Loose Ball Tube Cutoff Machine

Ball Making Machines

Automatic ball Tube cutoff machines, high speed loose ball machines, automatic ball rolling machine. Make round balls with hole and without hole, cube balls, oval balls etc.

Earring Threaded Post Machine

Earrings Making Machines

Threaded post making machine, high speed earring post making machine with 90pcs per minute, earring hook automatic making machine, buttfly back making machine

Small Laser Welding Machine for Chain Making Machine

Mini Laser Welding Machine

World-first smallest body laser making machine. Use best crystal and laser lamp material. 80watt. Used for chain making machines.

Jewelry Tube Welding Machine

tube Making Machines

Double head tube making machine with higher speed and efficiency. Making gold tube and silver tube with fine welding. Quality and competitive price.

Automtatic Bangle and Ring Reshaping Machine

Ring & Bangle Making Machines

Bangle and ring coiling machine with cut off. Bangle and ring reshaping machine with data storage. Make round shape into cube shape, flat outside convex inside etc